Welcome to MilSpouseLife

cards-croppedWelcome to MilSpouseLife, a resource and online refuge for spouses married to servicemembers. Why just for military spouses? Because life married to a Soldier, Sailor, Airmen or Marine is filled with experiences and challenges unlike any in civilian life.

When you say “I do” to that servicemember, you are also saying “I do” to Uncle Sam. And Uncle Sam gets a mighty big say in your life, whether you want him to or not.

Not to worry. Thanks to support networks, resources, legislation and your own resilience, you can shape your own life despite Uncle Sam’s meddling.

I’ll warn you right now: it won’t be easy. Pulling together a happy family life, a comfortable home, education, career, and mental and physical well-being is challenging enough. While many  have learned to get through Uncle Sam’s major life changes such as unplanned moves to unexpected places and deployments in-stride, it’s often at a cost. Degrees go unfinished. Careers gets derailed. Your children’s growing-up years become a patchwork of friendships and schools. Sometimes family traditions get upheld, sometimes they fall to the way-side.

MilSpouseLife is here to help. Come back to learn about resources available to you. Learn to draw on the skills and resolve that you already have, so you can accomplish what you want in life, even as the military leads you down unexpected paths.

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