The MilSpouse Behind MilSpouse Life

Cathy Ross Author of MilSpouse LifeBehind MilSpouse Life is a military spouse — me, Cathy Ross.

I’m married to an active duty Army Soldier. In our nearly 8 years of marriage we have welcomed our daughter into the world, weathered 27 months worth of deployment time, and lived in 4 different states. All too familiar numbers for us military families, I know. I’m also a veteran of the Army Reserves, and served a year-long combat tour in Iraq.

I’m also a Department of Defense civilian employee, run my own web and print marketing design company, Canopy Web Design, and am a volunteer photojournalist for The Mountaineer — Fort Carson’s newspaper.

I know that being married to a service member can throw many challenges in your path, especially when it comes to maintaining a career of your own, as a MilSpouse. The constant moves, the need to be a stable force for your family particularly if you have children while your spouse is deployed or in the field or on TDY across the country somwhere, have a way of making the ability to have a career of your own challenging, frustrating, and sometimes it feels impossible. My idea for MilSpouse Life is to help you overcome these challenges, survive them, find a way to deal with them.

Hopefully, this blog can be a resource and a refuge for you as you navigate through the life of a Military Spouse.