Not PCSing with your spouse right away? Collect the Higher BAH (Army)

If your Army spouse comes down on PCS orders, but you and your child(ren) have to stay behind temporarily at the old duty station (with higher BAH – Basic Allowance for Housing) while your husband goes forward to the new duty station (with lower BAH), did you know your spouse may still be able to collect the higher BAH?

Your spouse can apply for a BAH waiver in order to collect the higher BAH for the old duty station, at least temporarily. This can only be done in certain situations, certain requirements have to be met, and supporting documentation has to be provided.

4 Justifications for Collecting the Higher BAH

  1. Deployment:  If your Soldier’s new unit will be deploying within 12 months of arrival at the new duty station
  2. Dependent Education: You have a child in school and would like them to finish out the school year in one place, or they need to finish junior and senior high school graduation requirements
  3. Spouse Employment: If you (MilSpouse) need to stay behind (temporarily) to meet contractual obligations for your employment, professional license reciprocity agreements, or other special circumstances in which early termination would result financial penalties
  4. EFMP: Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) or medical considerations that warrant staying behind (temporarily) for continuity of care or services that won’t be readily available at the new duty station

Our family is currently making use of this policy so that our daughter can finish out the school year in one place. What we had to submit:

Click on the links below to read all of the fine print, learn specific documentation requirements for your situation, and where to submit the paperwork:

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