Running a Home Business: Is This Portable Career Right for You?

Money Saving Mom

“If you’re wanting someone else to give you a big leg up with getting a business started, I can almost guarantee you that you’re not going to be successful. Because successful business owners take initiative. They are out there putting in the back-breaking personal effort to make things happen. They aren’t expecting someone else to spoon-feed them their success.”

— Crystal Paine

I am a huge fan of the MoneySavingMom blog by Crystal Paine. She has turned a blog for sharing money-saving deals into a genuine home business and career. She is not a milspouse, but I think she sets a great example for any of us milspouses who are thinking about or already are running a business from home. I highly recommend checking out her blog.

I think one of the reasons why I am such a fan is the honesty.

The quote above is from one of Crystal’s latest posts on running a home business, which I highly recommend — 5 Questions You Should Always Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business.

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